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The whiskey stink of rot has settled

in the garden, and a burst of fruit flies rises

when I touch the dying tomato plants.


Still, the claws of tiny yellow blossoms

flail in the air as I pull the vines up by the roots

and toss them in the compost.


It feels cruel. Something in me isn’t ready

to let go of summer so easily. To destroy

what I’ve carefully cultivated all these months.

Those pale flowers might still have time to fruit.


My great-grandmother sang with the girls of her village

as they pulled the flax. Songs so old

and so tied to the season that the very sound

seemed to turn the weather.


I’m thinking that the remarks of this poet/gardener might resonate with many of you:  the passage from summer to autumn; the work in the garden; the remembrances that arise at this time of year.

For those of us used to the ‘seasons’ of the church, the less busy time of Summer is now moving into the increasing busyness of September.  It has been that way in the church for a long, long time.  Yes, the life and work of the church will soon be in full swing.  And that is a good thing. It means we are ‘alive and kicking’.  The round of responsibilities in the church graciously continues.  As I anticipate this autumn and beyond I am feeling very positive about the church, this church – Central Saanich United Church.

The development plans of our church continue and the hope is that construction will begin early in 2024.    Discussions and plans are gaining traction about how our new development might enhance our connection to the wider community and provide enrichment to our life and ministries.  Conversations continue with other Peninsula United Churches on how we might work together more closely for the benefit of those congregations and for the benefit of the communities in which those churches reside.  

Over the past couple of years we have been blessed by new friends who have made CSUC their church home.  And I pray this trend will continue going forward.   

We are blessed to have committed, hard-working, talented leaders who will continue to guide and inspire as dreams and plans unfold.  Of course, Autumn brings the annual round of special services: 

                                Sept. 24 – Blessing of the Animals Sunday

                                Oct. 1 – World Communion Sunday

                                Oct. 8 – Thanksgiving Sunday

                                Nov. 5 – Remembrance Sunday

                                Dec. 3 – the season of Advent begins

As usual I am planning to offer some sort of bible or faith study, likely in November.  There is a spirit among us that is one of welcome, inclusion, camaraderie.  And all of you are the main reason for that!  Let us continue to be ‘the Church’, the ‘Body of Christ’ expressing God’s love to one another, to the strangers who enter our doors, to our neighbours, and to those with whom we partner to bring God’s love, peace, justice, and mercy to a needy world.

I give thanks for all of you who make up the church:  for your faithfulness, your service in the church and in the world, and most of all for the incredible and unique gift of simply being who you are.  Thanks and praise to our good and glorious God who continues to bless us in these challenging, yet exciting times.


Rev. Bob