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To all of our Members and to the wider Community,

Following the recommendation of the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada, due to the COVID-19 virus, worship at Central Saanich United Church will be immediately suspended until April 30, 2020.     After that date, this suspension will be re-assessed.

Daily prayers will be offered on the church’s website and a newsletter will be posted there once a week with the Ministerial Message.   We anticipate that this form of worship will deepen and demonstrate our faith in Jesus Christ within our own Church community and within the wider Central Saanich community. The Church office will also be closed during this time. Anyone wishing an appointment with the office staff, Council members or minister, please call the office at 250-652-2713 to arrange a time.   These decisions, including any further recommendations of the Regional office, will be reviewed and updated regularly.

If this is a Pastoral Emergency, please contact either Rev. Allan Saunders (250) 896-3946 or Megumi Matsuo Saunders (250) 896-3876.

For further information or concerns please contact Alan Cameron, Chair of Council.

We appreciate everyone's understanding during these unprecedented times.