As I began my journey to Saanichton, I was sure to phone and text friends and family to say goodbye and assured them I would continue to keep them informed about my trip along the way.  Lastly, I contacted my daughter Kellie to speak to her, my son-in-law Justin and granddaughter Sophia. The first words out of Kellie’s mouth was the exclamation, “Daddy, I’m pregnant!!” She was so elated!! And, of course, so was I knowing that she so much wanted a second child.  

Later, it occurred to me that this personal story is also an Easter story, for Easter doesn’t just happen once a year to commemorate the first Easter.  Easter happens all the time!!  New hope!  New life!  Creator God at work!
As I considered the impact of Covid-19: economic hardship; social isolation, the anxiety, the illness,  the deaths contrasted with the joyful news of my daughter’s pregnancy, I was reminded that Good Friday and Easter do not happen separate and apart from one another.  The Cross and the Empty Tomb are two sides of reality; two inseparable parts of our human experience.

The Cross is what the world sometimes does to us.  The principalities and powers of the world often oppress, endanger, even kill.  The Empty Tomb is what God does for us.  God’s power of love brings hope in the midst of despair; light in the midst of darkness; good in the midst of evil; life in the midst of death!!

So while Covid-19 rages on - that little devil of a virus- set loose upon the world quite possibly by some foolish (worldly) human act; God is also present and at work in the world  - often through us and in us individually and collectively- guiding us though Good Friday, the Cross, entering and transforming our suffering - holding us, carrying us - to Easter, the Empty Tomb to new light, hope, goodness and life!!  I pray that by God’s grace it may be so for all of you in one way or another!  

Hallelujah,  Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!
May we live his risen life; may we be Easter people now and always!