Hello Everyone,  

Please continue to wear a mask and to have available proof of vaccination when attending Worship Services, for the time being. We are hopeful that we will be able to remove such restrictions in the near future.  Thank you. 

Entry into the sanctuary will be at the Heritage Hall Door only.  The services will still be recorded for your viewing but commencing February 13th we will no longer offer live streaming.   The service should be available for your viewing by early afternoon on Sunday by going to the church website. 

 Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your church in this strange time in which we live.  While we haven’t been able to ‘be church’ in the same way these past two years, we are still ‘the church’, the Body of Christ, a community bonded together by our faith in God, and our love of, and commitment to, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I pray that we will all, very soon, be free of fear and limitations on our lives, and life within the church and its service in the world will happen with new hope,  renewed energy,  and lots of joy!    

Rev. Bob