Hello Everyone,  

As was announced at the service of worship last Sunday,  we will abide by the most recent decision of Dr. Henry to no longer require wearing of masks.  Please feel free to wear or not wear a mask as you prefer.   We will continue to monitor the situation week by week and will keep you advised with regard to the possible return to pandemic restrictions.  We continue to welcome everyone to our in person Worship at 10:15 on Sunday mornings.

For the time being, all those attending in-person worship must be fully vaccinated.  We will monitor that requirement, as well, and will discuss this at the next Worship Committee meeting on April 7th.  Entry into the sanctuary will be at the Heritage Door only.  

I realize that some of you, at this time, are still not prepared to return to live, in-person services (masks or no masks.)  We continue to offer recorded services on our church web site and hope you will join us that way for the time being.  

The service should be available for your viewing by early afternoon on Sunday by going to the church website. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your church in this strange time in which we live.  While we haven’t been able to ‘be church’ in the same way these past two years, we are still ‘the church’, the Body of Christ, a community bonded together by our faith in God, and our love of, and commitment to, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I pray that we will all, very soon, be free of fear and limitations on our lives, and life within the church and its service in the world will happen with new hope,  renewed energy,  and lots of joy!    

For more updates, please visit our website www.centralsaanichunited.ca

Blessings, Rev. Bob