I am reminding myself that the sudden change to our world is not one that has plunged us into the cataclysms of war or famine, but only into social and economic uncertainty. I say ‘only’, but that uncertainty is very real and very uncomfortable – and doesn’t begin to address the certainty that some of us will become very ill, and all of us have someone we are desperate to protect from the tiny little invader who has come to live among us.

Although we are not meeting as a body for the time being, our staff continues to provide care for all who need it and to keep the church running. They are doing this by various means in order to keep themselves and all of us as safe as possible. Volunteers are stepping up to assist with communications and every effort is being made to ensure we stay connected as a family during this time.  

Many of us are self-isolating to some degree. If you feel truly isolated, call someone. They may need the call as much as you do. And, check the website from time to time as newsletters, messages and music offerings from Amy may be there.  

I would ask that you continue to support the church financially by mail or by PAR, as the costs of the church continue even when we are not gathered together. In the midst of uncertainty, we would like to provide certainty for our staff who continue to do their jobs faithfully in evolving circumstances. A PAR form is attached for those who are interested. It can be mailed/emailed to me ([email protected]) or Heather Barclay ([email protected]).   PAR remittances can be terminated at any time - please see the attachment below for more information. Even in these uncertain times, we are not alone. Becky Cotterell