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During the season of Easter (which begins on Easter Day and continues for several weeks), folks at Central Saanich United Church are invited to reflect. What was an important step along the way in your own faith journey? This could b e something going back to your children or as recent as just last week.

Everyone is invited to write down what they recall (200 to 300 words) and send it to Megumi at   If you have no email, please call her at 250-896-3876 and we will arrange for it to be picked up.

Give your reflection a title. If you would like to include a scripture verse and/or a brief prayer, please do so - but they are not required.

Please try to get your reflection to Megumi by April 20th.

The reflections will be collected and put together in a booklet available to the congregation. Not only will folks learn more about one another as we share our faith in this way, but it also will be a great way to introduce yourselves to your new minister, Rev. Bob!