Dear Friends in Christ,  

I am excited to let you know that further to the recent decision of the full Council, we will resume public worship on Sunday, October 4th which is, fittingly, World Communion Sunday!!    

Things will be somewhat different as we introduce covid-19 safety protocols.  First of all there will be two services on Sunday – one at 10:00 am. and the other at noon.   It will be necessary to ‘register’ for one or the other service for EACH SUNDAY.  We will do our best to accommodate your preference.  Bear in mind that we will be limiting numbers in each service to ensure proper physical distancing for everyone’s safety.  

You may email Tara at [email protected].  Or you may phone the church office at 250-652-2713 (Tuesday or Thursday mornings). Please try to register by Thursday morning.  However, if you should be attempting to register after Thursday morning you can email me at [email protected] or reach me at the office phone number.  

Everyone must wear a mask upon entry and upon leaving the sanctuary.  Once seated you are encouraged to keep your mask on, but if need be for comfort you may remove your mask provided you stay seated.   Worship leaders will also wear a mask upon entry and exit of the sanctuary but will remove them during the service as they will be well distanced from the congregation.  Entry and exit to the sanctuary will be through the Heritage Room door ONLY.  Greeters will warmly welcome you, confirm your ‘registration’ (contact tracing regulations), and provide you with hand sanitizer before entering the sanctuary.   Rows and seats will be marked appropriately for singles, couples, families.   

Please remember that during the service congregational singing is not permitted as per covid-19 health restrictions.  We will enjoy listening to Amy singing the hymns.  Reading responsively, as per power point slides, is permitted and encouraged.  

After the service, or before the service, please place your offering in the collection plate on the communion table. It will not be passed around in the usual way.  At all times, when approaching the communion table or upon entering or leaving the sanctuary please be sure to keep your 2 metre distance from others and have your mask on.  Should you need to use the washroom please disinfect those surfaces you have touched with the disinfectant made available for that purpose.  

These measures are necessary to ensure that we make the resumption of public worship as safe as possible.  We believe the risk will be very low and trust that notwithstanding the protocols in place, worshipping together, in person, will be a joy filled, blessed experience.   For those who wish to, or need to, stay at home we will continue to record the services of worship and, we expect, to be able to live stream them as well in the near future.     

Sunday School for children will be available.  Teachers will follow pandemic protocols (i.e. – masks, sanitizing).  

I look forward to gathering with you in person as I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you, previously, only by phone or email.   

Feel free to contact me or Tara should you have any questions or concerns.  

Blessings to you all,   Rev. Bob